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How can I ensure the safety of my gold and cards ?
Your card and gold collection are backed up onto iCloud, so please switch it on.

I am having problems with the game syncing with iCloud. What can I do?
(1) Your Wi-Fi is on
(2) iCloud is on  
(3) iCloud Documents & Data is on
(4) Log off Game Center, exit the game totally, and start the game again

Where can I find more about the exact rules?
Right on this website, on the Rulebook page.  Also in-game from the options screen.  
It is highly recommended players read this, as it's  presented in a very compact and easily digestible format.
It's  likely your opponents have read it, so don't miss any tricks!

Can I only play each region once ever in campaign mode?
No, after you defeat any 10 regions of your choice, all are available again.

Can I draw extra cards if I want?
Yes you can, by tapping the deck. Each card costs you 2 power.

Can I replace any of my cards in play by putting a new card on top of it?
Yes you can, as long as that card was legally able to be played in that slot anyway.

Where are the options in the game?
Tap the small metal cog at the top left of the screen.

What's the difference between player level and rank?
Level is a track of your progression in the 1-player campaign.  
Rank is awarded for victory against other players.

Is there a maximum level or rank?
There is a maximum level, but this maximum will be raised with each expansion
There is no maximum rank.

Whats the number in brackets after my name on the game board?
In a multiplayer game, this is your Rank.
In a game with the AI, this is your Level.

What if a player surrenders early or deliberately disconnects or sabotages the game?
Then they lose .  No exceptions.  If you think your connection is bad and might cause you to disconnect in the middle of a 2-player match, we suggest you don't attempt 2-player until you are near a more reliable connection.

Will you support other languages?
Eventually we hope to, but not until next year. French and Japanese are most likely first candidates.

Is the game fully complete?
As a working game it is fully finished.  
However, we aim to continue the game possibilities over time by releasing already-designed expansions for public use.

What will these expansions contain?
Each expansion will open up a new faction (38 or so cards) and  3 regions to battle.

What are all these different factions for?
Expansions are loosely based on terrain types and each will emphasise the use of a particular game mechanic.  The first such expansion featured the undead of the Swamps, with mechanics for better using the contents of the graveyard (discard pile).

Why is it free to play?
As avid CCG players, we felt existing online CCGs were simply too expensive.
Note:  you do not need to use ANY money to play or compete.  Buying extra gold is a matter of convenience and variety. We've  had good results in both 1 and 2 player games using only common cards. The essential game cards are all common cards.
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