Goodbye to iOS 5 (and the iPad 1)

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Goodbye to iOS 5 (and the iPad 1)

The good old iPad 1 - a fantastic device and it was the iPad 1 that inspired us to create Spellcraft in the first place! It really was revolutionary at the time, and the Goblins knew they had something magical with which they could bring their imaginations to life.

The iPad 1 is now nearly 4 years old and more importantly it is trapped on iOS 5.1.
It couldn't run iOS 6 and now almost everybody is running iOS 7 which has a lot of new features.

Given that we have limited resources and that we want to keep expanding Spellcraft and bringing you the best features we can, we are left with a hard choice:

On the one hand - we could try and support everything including the oldest platforms, and branch the code where necessary to use later features. This means extra time - more complicated development, longer test cycles, and consequently fewer and fewer updates per year.

Or on the other hand - we can choose to evolve Spellcraft with the platform and gradually drop support for older devices. They will still be able to play the last version that supported the device, but they won't be able to play the latest versions.
The benefit here is that we get more time on new features, we don't spend any time testing on the oldest devices, and we can keep up with our regular updates.

And so it is with a real sense of regret that Spellcraft will no longer support iOS 5.1 (the iPad 1) from now on - future updates will only be seen by players running iOS 6.1 or iOS 7. v2.7.1 will continue to be available for iPad 1 players.

For those of you running on iPad 1 - please accept our sincerest apologies as we do feel and appreciate your pain, we really wanted to bring you all the updates too but it is proving too much.

We hope you understand that this decision is arrived at from a desire to make sure we can continue to produce the best Spellcraft possible - with just the Three Goblins working at the weekends - often helped out by our extremely generous beta testers!

Mike, Mark, Steve