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Minion awards by PP

So here is a list of my favourite minions by PP

5 Power points
GOLD - Pyrohydra - u damage it and make it stronger!
SILVER - Giant Constrictor - it makes everyone else look smaller
BRONZE - Sea Dragon - useful to have an extra spell
PLASTIC - Deepwood ash - keep damaging the opposing minion

4 Power points
GOLD - Darkling Assassin - deadly creature
SILVER - Ancient Ghost - perfect shield
BRONZE - Razor shark - useful in a quick deck
PLASTIC - Living essence - it makes your minions last longer

3 Power points
GOLD - Aeromancer - you can draw an extra spell for free
SILVER - Giant volta - all creatures around are damaged
BRONZE - Stitched golem - your dead minions make it bigger
PLASTIC - Saberine - natural born killer

2 Power Points
GOLD - Triton Aquamancer - it kills to get healthier
SILVER - Kobo summoner - you can have extra kobos for free
BRONZE - Aquallid mages - it could makes aggressive creature quiet
PLASTIC - Savage trapper - because we like traps a lot

1 Power Point
GOLD - Triton Pearldivers - give me back my items
SILVER - Firebirds - some damages guaranteed at low price
BRONZE - Pulser - it damages opponent minions by changing paths
PLASTIC - Fey spirit - extra health guaranteed

Now let's make the count of the awards. Which is the best faction? OCEAN!

And what do you think?
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Re: Minion awards by PP

My list: the lack of overlap reflects different styles and the goblin's impressive balance.

5 power points:
gold: ruby dragon [problematic to block]
silver: deep sea thing [ominous growth potential]
bronze: giant constrictor [weakens what it does not kill]
iron: cloud dragon [magic immunit plus nice special]
honorable mention: bone dragon [same role as ruby but does not affect barriers]

4 power points:
gold: living essence [unique ability to improve other creatures]
silver: aerovore [best stats of cost four minions, special disrupts timing]
bronze: ancient ghost [effective blocker that demands attention].
iron: undead giant[good stats + abilit to automatically damage opppsing enemy]
honorable mention: gargantuan [if only there were a way to idetify whether the special will have any effetc

more later
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Re: Minion awards by PP

Indeed from this list you can understand the gaming style of the player :-)
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Re: Minion awards by PP

In reply to this post by Quintivarium
3 power points:
gold: primeval ooze [neutralize anything so other cards can cope]
silver: magmasphere [a throwaway card with good durability]
bronze: howling banshee [hard to block, not worth spell]
iron: siren [good protector of other cards]
honorable mention: hungry crocodile [love the 3/3 stats, hate that it requires enemy]

2 power points:
gold: undead triton [quick weakening of enemy]
silver: tentacle from below [best mechanism for troublesome auras]
bronze: chronomancer [a threat across lanes]
iron: dark fey [forces costly attention]
honorable mention: triton aquamancer [undisputedly the best cost 2 unit, but so badly overpowered it reduces my enjoyment of the game]

1 power point or less:
gold: deepwood fey [handles immunities]
silver: pulsar [frustratingly elusive and healthy]
bronze: cloud fey [evasive, quick, magic proof, + life gain]
iron: zombie mob [when you really wish you had a barrier]
honorable mention: aetherfish [surprising versatility and 0 cost]

favorite barriers:
gold: ominous egg [two cards for 1 power point]
silver: primeval flame [barrier and threat]
bronze: living maze [game changer against unprepared opponent]
iron: deeper darkness [evasive and regenerative]
honorable mention: tree of life [heals if not needed to block]

gold: strangle vines [handling evasive as useful as strength drain]
silver: narrow tunnels [barrier effect, combo potential]
bronze: wild growth [when is health not appreciated]
iron: tornado [incredible versatility -- with the right cards]
honorable mention: wild strength [inconveniently expensive]

gold: tide caller [you can't block me that easily]
silver: null wand [immunities away]
bronze: underworld elixir [evasion is underrated]
iron: blood orb [not just for special purpose decks]
honorable mention: lavapult [watch out for enemy pyrohydras]

gold: mesmer [cheapest foil for spells]
silver: poison darts [foils the cheap minion trap foiler]
bronze: lost at sea [best minion control]
iron: pit trap [multiple copies in play are useful]
honorable mention: spell net [I often don't want your throw away spell]

gold: liquify [thwarts any ongoing special ability]
silver: evolve [nice turnabout]
bronze: bodyswap [forces caution in big minion use]
iron: astral armour [eliminates many player's favorite coping mechanism]
honorable mention: energize [exacerbates problem of overpowered aquamancer]

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Re: Minion awards by PP

net count:
1.  air
2/3.  underworld/swamp
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Re: Minion awards by PP

In reply to this post by Quintivarium
Quintivarium: are you really stating that undead triton is better than aquamancer?
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Re: Minion awards by PP

Absolutely not!

I'm stating that I don't like aquamancers because they are so powerful they ruin the game!