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— by Valentino Valentino
Quintivarium wrote great notes about luck minimization and there is very little I can add to it:

1. If you have just 1 card name drawn by a channeler you have 100% chance to draw that card. If you have 2 card names this becomes 50%!!!!
2. If you want to add several card names make sure they have similar effects (i.e. backup channeled cards). Red fire spells are a great example. Unfortunately not all cards have their backups and therefore you cannot rely on this.
3. Luck minimization is not only about channeling the combo card. It happens also on played effects. You must find an effect which minimizes the random effect. Example: Lost, return RANDOM minion to opponent's hand. If you add other effects which destroy other minions (Aquamancer) you are sure that there is only one opponent minion in game and that will return for sture to opponent's hand.
Other example: Rise again: RANDOM minion in your discard pile enters play...if you had only 1 minion type and all other creatures are barriers you minimize the random effect. But you can also add Eternal knight because it is still a minion but when placed in discard pile goes back to deck.