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I do love your game, goblins!  And I know you're working hard on the update that will give us Ice (and I can't wait for that) and story mode (likewise).  But in the meantime, I was thinking about 2 things that would make life a bit easier for some of us (OK, me, at least ;-):

1) A way to move decks around screens:  I have 4 different screens and they are a mess.  I'd like to organize them so that I can find different level decks for different levels of players.  Right now I have to search through the different deck screens and it's less than ideal (for me, at least).
2) A way to play arbitrary levels and decks for testing:  There are some decks that are good testing decks for me and once I leave that level I can never reliably get them back.  For example, a big minion deck and a quick deck and a burning world deck (hopefully in the next release of new decks).  I don't want to win gold from the testing decks, just an ability to play them reliably.  I remember you were hesitant to do this at one point in time because of naming all the decks (yikes!), but really I think all that is needed is a level and land selection capability (e.g., 23, Cinderlands) so that players could find good testing decks and just replay them.  Right now I haven't even completed campaign mode because I don't want to go into random-hope-I-get-a-good-deck-for-my-testing-deck.