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— by Tsiflikas Tsiflikas
As usual, a thougtful and thought-provoking post from a highly analytical player. Certainly, it speaks well for this game that players like Quintivarium can devote such deep attention to its intricacies.

I am currently not in a position to respond to the many issues raised (time is at a premium for me right now) but I do at least want to state a few things at the outset so there are no misunderstandings:

1) I am, I would judge, an average player and a slightly less than average deck builder and have great admiration for the people (in my mind genius gamers) who come up with decks that require little thought to attain victory. Still, I don't think one needs to be a great player to comment on gameplay - playing hundreds of games (as I have) should suffice.

2) I've played quite a few ccg's in my time from Magic through to VTES and L5R and others and I think this is one of the most balanced I've ever encountered. I think therefore that even a discussion on this issue probably throws more attention on it than the game deserves but all games benefit if there are multiple paths/strategies/styles to success.

3) I feel that there are a few cards that do create imbalance (fire prism was the one that prompted the discussion) but not inordinately as there are responses. The problem is,however, that a fire prism deck has a good chance of succeeding against any opponent whilst an anti-prism deck is far more constrained - it can do well against a prism deck but is mediocre against others.

I can write more but am busy currently - just wanted to put in these preliminary comments.