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— by Quintivarium Quintivarium
The more I think about it, the more I think the crux of the "mindless deck" issue is addressed in the last paragraph of my response to Hellspawn above.  I really don't care if my opponent doesn't have to think deeply -- there are times when I don't want to think deeply either.  The real problem is when my opponent's choice of deck preempts (or seems to preempt) my desire for a thinking game from my end.

There are a lot of attitudes towards the game: some players approach the game very competitively, wanting to win as much as possible.  Some approach it casually, wanting only the enjoyment of a pleasant pastime.  Some look for the excitement of a close match -- however it turns out.  Some, win or lose, value brilliance and creativity in moves.  Some view it whimsically, enjoying the fantasy.  And I'm sure there are other mindsets as well.  Many, if not most players, may play with different mindsets at different times -- I know I do.  It is really amazing how Spellcraft accommodates so many different attitudes simultaneously.  But that doesn't stop me from speculating how it could do so even better.