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— by Tsiflikas Tsiflikas
My feeling is that this is one of the best statements explaining what most players mean by balance in games such as this that I've maybe ever seen:

"  If 100 of Spellcraft’s 294 player cards are beneficial against any given card my opponent plays, I am likely to have thoughtful responses in hand (or at least in deck) making for interesting exchanges with my opponent.  If only 10 cards are viable responses to certain cards, reaction based strategies become non-viable and a thinking, strategic component to the game is lost."

In light of that passage, however, I would say that prism decks are not the worst offenders if we use the above criteria. Sure they are usually boring and one-dimensional (race to the prism) but at least there are responses. Timer decks and decks with massively healthy minions can really create problems for them beyond just aura/item destruction.

No the real offender (and the only glaring example of below par game design in my opinion) is the dreaded blood orb deck. That requires about as much thought as blinking. With such a deck you're not even considering what the opponent is playing or not playing - you are literally, throughout the course of the entire match, playing with yourself. From the opponent's perspective - lets just say you better have brought some trap destruction...