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— by Quintivarium Quintivarium
I can intelligently respond to criticism of blood orb decks as I do play one.  But there are many versions of a blood orb deck, and vulnerabilities can differ widely.  

But there are also common traits.  Unlike prism decks, which can kill generally kill cards like tenticles from below before they can act, blood orb decks are vulnerable to tenticles and nobbling elders.  To me this is a bigger vulnerability than prism's to uncontinue or aeromancer as they are available to two factions instead of just one -- although I admit that neither of these cards is very popular.  And anyone can benefit from a stolen blood orb -- unlike a stolen prism.  Another vulnerability is to high strength cards.  Orb decks can inflict a lot of damage very quickly, but they require time to set up.  Orbs take time to draw (even with kobo miners and kobo summoners), are expensive to play, and unlike fire prisms, one on the board is usually not sufficient.  It is hard to both block multiple strong units and have sufficient minions to sacrifice for meaningful damage.

As my orb deck has no minions above strength 2, and only 4 minions with health above 1 (tunnel runners), my deck is very vulnerable to mass destruction cards like fire rain, giant volta, stormship, burning world, law of the jungle, etc.  Players who opt for more strength or for higher health barriers trade this vulnerability for trouble consistently drawing the minions they need to sacrifice when they need them.

As blood orb decks are much more rare than prism decks, I can't say I've played against them enough to assess accurately how my typical decks play; but in the experience I've had, I never felt I had no options (unlike how I can feel against fire prism decks.)

One thing I really appreciate about blood orb decks is that they provide options against a plethora of decks like the aquamancer - energize decks that easily reach a state where they destroy minions as fast as I can deploy them.  With clever play, I can keep my opponent's minion's damage fairly low (generous use of undead tritons, body swap, and darkling slavers) even with no forces on the board -- at least for a few rounds.  So my sacrifices can almost keep pace with my opponent's minion damage.  Thus orb decks are viable responses to numerous decks that don't normally allow intelligent counter-play.  Of course, I guess this argument is a two edged sword as it also shows how hard it is to actually defend against blood orbs!