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— by Tsiflikas Tsiflikas
I should amend my last sentence in my previous post to read "item" and not "trap" destruction and I think you meant to write "orb" (not prism) are a viable response in your last sentence above Quintivarium no?

I'm not really disagreeing with any of your points but I feel we may be straying a bit off topic here - we were talking about that elusive trait called mindlessness, not overall lethality. To me, firing off some Kobo summoners and popping your blood orbs really doesn't require much tactical acumen - less even than waiting for your triton ritual/fire prism to devastate your opponent. It is, in any event, both cheaper and faster - both of which traits are critical in a game like this.

(As an aside, however, I should say that I think I've only seen a nobbling elder played once and although tentacles are more common than that they are still quite rare. Including either would automatically downgrade the effectiveness of one's deck against any other opponent besides an orb deck - a fact which sort of makes my point. In contrast, timer decks and blue/green huge minion decks are far more common because they are not just useful against prism decks.)

For me, however, the main problem is the gameplay of an orb deck. It's not about action v reaction. Sure, if you're unlucky enough to be playing an opponent with a fast-hitting minion killer or one packing a ton of item destruction/theft cards it is bad for you. Otherwise, you're golden. Either way you almost don't have to play the actual game because the result is basically predetermined. That for me at least is the very definition of mindless.