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— by ledlevee ledlevee
I'm one of those players who has competitive decks, but I tend to save them for the really, really good players (and even then only occasionally).  I tend to favor the more "fun" decks that do unique things, or that I don't see many people using.  I think mindless decks only really annoy me when I'm playing one of these fun decks, and my opponent destroys me with an ultra-competitive prism deck and I think to myself "I have a deck just like that."  I feel like I'm losing to my own deck.  This frustration isn't really because of the opponent.  He or she has the right to chose any deck he or she wants.  It's more just me losing when I want to just have fun, knowing I have other decks I could have played which probably could have beaten the one I'm losing to.  Personally, I get bored beating everyone with the same old deck all the time.  That's just me, though.  I'm not an ultra-competitive personality, though when I'm on a losing streak, I have to admit, I do like to break out my mage deck or my heart of darkness/prism deck just to prove that I can win when I want to.

More on topic, I don't have a problem with these "mindless" decks, because, as you said, a deck which requires a lot of thought to put together often doesn't require as much to play, whereas a deck that's easy to put together often requires a lot more thought to play.  That being said, a lot of decks these days are pretty much carbon copies of every other competitive deck out there, and there definitely isn't much thought in putting together a carbon copy.  For me, the best feeling is putting together a very competitive deck on my own, and being the first or one of the first to play such a deck.