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— by Quintivarium Quintivarium
The first of my decks I have posted elsewhere, but will repeat here.  It does not win against top notch decks often, and is also vulnerable to decks with massive numbers of huge creatures (decks fairly typical of players who  recently acquired enough big cards to create such a deck, but who have not yet recognized the effectiveness of more subtle cards).

This deck is not built toward a specific purpose; rather it started as an experiment to see if I could build an effective deck with only one copy of any given card.  What I discovered by playing the deck was not only that it was often viable, but that it was highly instructive and fun.  It has dozens of combos -- some planned, some not planned -- all depending upon what cards are drawn at a given time.  You could literally meet this deck a half dozen times before realizing you were always facing the same deck.

Interestingly, while the game tends to vary highly depending upon what is drawn, the overall effectiveness of the deck is less dependent upon luck than most of my decks.  The incredible variety of cards almost always leaves one with a reasonable play.  By the way, I have tried other one-of-each type decks without nearly the same success.  I think this points to one of the reasons fire and ocean decks dominate PVP play -- the cards of these factions work well in numerous combinations and circumstances -- they are both threatening and defensive.

One of a Kind  (fire/ocean)
     1 pyrohydra
     1 ruby dragon
     1 lava giant
     1 beserk djinn
     1 cinderling
     1 flamespider
     1 magmasphere
     1 smoke elemental
     1 fire wolf
     1 lava elementals
     1 pyromancers
     1 firebirds
     1 lava imps
     1 primeval flame
     1 meteor
     1 detonation
     1 fire rain
     1 flamespike
     1 implode
     1 fire shroud
     1living bomb
     1 lavapult
     1 siege cannon
     1 cinderbox
     1 deepsea thing
     1 giant octopus
     1 sea dragon
     1 triton assassin
     1 aqualid hunter
     1 sirens
     1 aqualid mages
     1 giant urchin
     1 shimmersquid
     1 triton aquamancer
     1 dancing jellyfish
     1 liquefy
     1 sink
     1 sunken treasure
     1 tide caller
     1 lost at sea

I must admit, I am embarrassed to publish this deck as it violates my boycott of the overpowered aquamancer.  But given the general deck composition, I think it justifies an exception.