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— by Quintivarium Quintivarium
This is the second of my favorite strategic decks.  It began with an idea to exploit combos involving the back to the depths card, but evolved into a very interesting deck.  Mobility of units is key to success; much of the strategic element is placing the right units in the right places.  Be aware that it is a very slow deck, usually winning by wearing out the opponent's minions.  It is vulnerable to both to cards that remove elusive traits and to cards like voltas and fire rain that can quickly burn a lot of health.  Note: the cost four cards are often a problem to deploy -- I'm sure there are ways to improve the deck by improving power point management.

Underwhelm  (ocean/swamp)
     4 triton assassin
     4 aqualid hunter
     4 water elemental
     4 shimmersquid
     4 liquefy
     4 sink
     4 back to the depths
     4 vampire consort
     4 undead tritons
     4 horrify

One ironic fact is that another of my best decks (one I will not post here as it is pretty mindless to play) is also ocean/swamp.  It is designed to play massive numbers of huge creatures very rapidly.  I find it ironic -- and a tribute to the Goblin's design -- that 2 almost totally opposite but powerful decks can be designed from the same factions.