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— by Quintivarium Quintivarium
The third strategy deck I am sufficiently satisfied with to share is posted below.  It is far more erratic than the previous two, but often interesting.  Be aware that a general problem with copy-cat type decks is that stolen cards rarely work as well for the player who steals them as for the original owner -- they are less effective outside the context of the deck they were designed to support.  Thus, key to this deck is to effectively enhance your own units by judicious use of body swap, and to use other theft cards to gain tempo as much as force.

Ali Baba (underworld/swamp)
     3 shadow dragon
     3 deepspawn
     4 primeval ooze
     2 mindvenom spider
     4 tentacle from below
     4 ominous eggs
     3 darkling slavers
     3 mind transfer
     2 essence exchange
     4 bone dragon
     4 ancient ghost
     4 bodyswap