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I'll post one more deck -- with some hesitation as it is a relatively new deck.  While it has proven highly successful, I'm not sure it is as strategically rich as I would like -- it will take more experience to be certain it continues to feel as strategic as it has so far.  Incidentally, this deck was motivated by a PVP discussion with a player whose name I don't recall.  That player disagreed with a negative assessment of the fluidity card I had once posted (although that critique occurred before the goblins tweaked the card in an update).  As it now stands, the fluidity card is a valuable addition to many decks -- and this one is an example.  You will be absolutely amazed how rapidly sky hydras can get out of control -- but be aware that cards like darkling slavers and bodyswap can turn that against you.  While the aetherfish are obviously intended to cancel out the timer imposed by overload, I have found a key element of strategy is a timely use of overload even when aetherfish are not available.  Sometimes 5 or 6 damage from an unblocked unit is worth the eventual loss of that unit.

Fluid Mage
     3 sea dragons
     2 triton illusionist
     3 dancing jellyfish
     4 fluidity
     3 liquefy
     3 sink
     2 essence drift
     4 sunken treasure
     4 sky hydra
     4 arch mage
     3 aetherfish
     3 overload
     2 astral armour