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Quintivarium those decks are pretty cool.  The first one reminds me of an MTG Commander deck, having only one of each card.  Aurore Aileblanche, I'm posting the Mage deck below (which could also be called a spell deck I guess) along with some of my "fun" decks.  The Mage deck isn't really that original, I don't think.  I have seen others that are similar.  It is consistently my best deck though, and it can beat just about anything, especially with a good draw:

Mage Deck:
2 Sky Hydra
4 Archmage
2 Aeromancers
2 Wildmage
2 Magic Missile
2 Brainstorm
4 Energize
4 Spell Storm (a real killer in this deck)
2 Power Surge
4 Storm Core
4 Triton Aquamancers (sorry, Quintivarium lol)
2 Calm Seas
2 Fluidity
2 Sink
2 Sunken Treasure

Basically use Archmages and Sky Hydras with lots of cheap spells, also Spell Storm with tons of mages and mancers.  Some card draw.  It's usually pretty devastating.  I can usually take out Prism decks before they have the chance to develop their mechanism, and with other decks, it takes out their creatures pretty quickly.  It does well against speed decks, too, because it's pretty quick itself, but a little more well balanced than the usual blitz deck.

Some fun decks:

Spell Immunity/Catastrophe
4 Pyrohydra
4 Lava Giant
4 Pyromancers
4 Lava Imps
4 Primeval Flame
4 Catastrophe
4 Detonation
4 Cloud Dragon
4 Astral Armor
4 Spell Book

I haven't seen anyone else play a deck like this one yet, but I'm sure it's out there somewhere.  I call it "fun" because I took a card that seems to have no real advantage in Catastrophe and worked out a deck where it gives you awesome advantage, since many creatures have spell immunity, and you can use Astral Armor on those that don't.  It can get clunky sometimes since you need at least three fire creatures to play Catastrophe, but I love wiping out my enemy's board completely when I still have a Cloud Dragon, two Pyrohydras with Astral Armor, and a Lava Imp.

Creature Eater:
4 Giant Constrictor
4 Jungle Troll
4 Ferocity
4 Huge
4 Strangelvines
4 Rampage
4 Deepwood Ash
2 Deepwood Spider
4 Living Essence
4 Ant Swarm
2 Absorb
Basically, with Ant Swarm, Rampage, and strength boosters, you make big creatures that get even bigger as they "eat" your opponent's creatures.  This isn't that effective against the most competitive decks but it's fun to play, for me at least.  Also, I love how Living Essence and Jungle Troll work together, as well as Giant Constrictor with either Stranglevines or Deepwood Spider.

Here's the last one for now, and my personal favorite:

Strength Sapper:
4 Ancient Ghost
4 Wraith Soulhunter
4 Undead Tritons
4 Bodyswap
2 Betrayal
4 Horrify
2 Dark Secrets
4 Giant Constrictor
2 Saberine
2 Ferocity
4 Huge
4 Stranglevines
Basically, lots of cards that cause your opponent's creatures to lose strength, along with cards that cause your creatures to gain strength.  Bodyswap is the star, especially with Ancient Ghost.  I love swapping a 5 strength Stitched Golemn across from an Ancient Ghost.  I've beaten some of the best players in the game with this deck.  I won't mention names lol