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markturnergoblin wrote
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How can I ensure the safety of my gold and cards ?
Your card and gold collection are backed up onto iCloud, so please switch it on.

I am having problems with the game syncing with iCloud. What can I do?
(1) Your Wi-Fi is on
(2) iCloud is on  
(3) iCloud Documents & Data is on
(4) Log off Game Center, exit the game totally, and start the game again

As far as I can tell, I followed these instructions from the first post by Steve in the faq.  I received a message from Mike about a gold refund, but haven't gotten it yet.  I can rebuild the decks, but I have two concerns still.  What about the money I paid to have extra deck storage?  Is there anything extra or different I need to do next time I try and sync the iPad with the iPhone that is not listed in the faq instructions?

I appreciate the quick responses to my issue. Love the game and community, and can't wait to see it expand.