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android data issues
— by Koridar Koridar
I just switched from the emulator that I was using to play Spellcraft to a new emulator a few days ago (switched from Andy to Amiduos), and I am now in quite a bit of a pickle. The good news is that all of my decks and the cards therein are intact. The bad news is......well, my collection is not. Yes, you read that right, my decks are there, and have in them the cards I put, however my collection is gone. Completely gone. According to the game, I have exactly 0 cards in my collection for any faction. This of course means that I cannot make any new decks; I am stuck with the decks I made before this happened, one of which I can't use because it lacks 40 cards.

Needless to say, I am NOT a happy customer. Although I still retain most of the gold from the last amount that I purchased (minus the amount spent, which was 2 boosters worth for every faction except Ice, which I haven't unlocked yet; the cards from which are all gone), it is not nearly enough to recoup my loss, seeing as I would now have to spend gold to get copies of cards that I should already have several of, including the free copy of the 'locked' cards.

Therefore, I am asking that you restore my card collection; if this is not possible then I am requesting a sizable amount of gold to cover the cost of replacement.

Your swift resolution of this matter would be most appreciated!