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— by Bluspell Bluspell
Dear Mike,
I agree, the latest version of the game is the best!
The background matching works, but perhaps the players don't know jet.

Last night I find two players for pvp macht. So Spellcraft isn't dead!
But, it seems dead. Every time a connect I always see the same things.
It is important that the game looks alive.
So a want to give some possible suggestions.

Every day I connect and I want to see some news.

1) (again) the blog in the multiplayer page.
2) a simple mail system between players.
3) a reward for the first win of the day.
4) a special card offer in the store. For example, every day a random rare card for 30 gold.
5) an auction to sell and buy card.

I don't khow esactly, but
I suppose that some changes will take some days of work
and other will take months of work.
But I hope that a couple of such changes
will be sufficient to stir up the game.