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— by MikeGoblin MikeGoblin
Thanks Quint.

I wonder if a different structure for fees would work?

For example:

- Free to buy, includes first Forest campaign for free. Players still gain coins and buy packs with coins etc, but maybe can't buy coins.
- To get to next map regions and unlock them, have to both complete first campaign AND pay a small amount? Repeated approach for additional map regions?

I don't know what the price points would be or if that model would appeal, but I think it has a fairness to it - people can't "pay to win" (as in buy loads of top cards for real money) and we earn as a direct proportion of people playing more of the content, which rewards good content.

I'd be interested in any player thoughts from people reading this, if you're willing to share (or if you prefer, email me directly at the usual address :))