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— by Quintivarium Quintivarium
First, let me comment that I am not certain I am representative of typical customers and am not sure I would have good insight into other's behavior on purchases.  I will happily share how I would act, but I'm not sure how much can be inferred from that.

Second, I am not entirely sure what you mean by "unlocking map regions".  As the campaign is presently structured, there isn't really a forest campaign (held only in the forest area), but the campaign is scattered across all areas.  I will address the question from the interpretation that, after the first few factions, a player can purchase an unlock of further factions.  I.e. perhaps a player starts with access to cards from forest, fire, underworld, and ocean.  As they gain levels, they gain the option of unlocking cards from swamp, air, jungle, ice, ...  Incidentally, I'm not sure how many factions players should get for free to try the game.  I would suggest at least 2 as very few good decks run only one faction, and I think potential players need a certain amount of experience with different cards to realize how rich and enticing the game is.

Those concerns aside, I would gladly support measures that help you, the developers of this wonderful game, begin to get paid appropriately for your work.  I would certainly be willing to pay a reasonable amount ($20 - $25) for new factions.  I am especially hoping to see mountain (which I suspect will best support my playing style), but there is always joy at any new faction.  And I do not say this lightly -- to date, Spellcraft is the only app on which I have spent real cash.  (And I'm a bit ashamed to admit how little that has actually been given my enjoyment of the game.  To the developers credit, I haven't really found anything I needed to pay for.)

But even in enthusiastically supporting changes to the fee structure (especially if that can bring us new content), I have to admit that this enthusiasm may stem from factors that won't impact new players quite as much: I love the game -- its simple rules but tremendous depth, its creativity, and its ability to immerse a player.  I am also nostalgic about a time when the game was newer and players were numerous and enthusiastic.  And finally, I have come to trust the developers.  I know their first priority is in creating a beautiful product that players enjoy.  I know they are not motivated by greed or inclined to exploit their players.  I'm not sure the extent to which new players will realize and experience this before being asked to pay for features.  And if they experience a good game, I don't know if trusting the developers impacts a decision to spend money.

I do know that there are two factors necessary to revitalizing the game: 1. there must be enthusiastic players, and 2, there must be a fee structure that reasonaly supports the work of the developer.  I think the second has been missing and I am happy to hear plans to resolve this.  I believe the first should happen because it is a quality game, but I don't know if people will spend money unless there is a viable playing community.  I lack good suggestions to help that occur.