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Need input on deck
— by D3v222 D3v222
So here goes.... I'm building a quick deck based around crushing waves. I will post a card list below. let me know your thoughts about it, or any suggestions you may have. Thanks!

A&W Quick Wipe

2 aeromancers
4 lightning golems
4 storm fiend
3 silver hawk
2 blown away
2 overload
2 forked lightning
4 magic missile
1 storm core
2 giant octopus
2 sea dragon
4 crushing wave
1 back to the depth
2 rainbow pearl
2 treasure chest
3 shimmer pearl

Ok. So, lots of quick minions. Lots of draw and power. Less obvious aspects; forked lightning and magic missle to get minions below 3 health for crushing wave. Sea dragon because he recycles spells and can be a hassle. Giant octopus, also a hassle and can regen health to 3. Back to the depths is a last resort, if I need to save someone from wave. Wow... Sorry that was so long winded. Looking forward to your feedback! Thanks.