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— by Quintavarium Quintavarium
Having played this deck twice (beating it handily the first time and getting utterly crushed -- pun intended -- the second), I have the following observations:
1.  Every deck is dependent upon the luck of the cards, but this one seems particularly so.  That is not necessarily bad as a deck that is occasionally awesome will progress you much further than a deck which is consistently mediocre, but I would look for ways to improve its consistency.
2.  The deck of mine that you played was one of my most successful builds -- well polished and powerful.  Moreover, in both games, I felt I was dealt very favorable cards -- you beat my deck at its best.  In retrospect, knowing the cards in your deck, I should have played it differently (I was too confident of my deapsea thug overwhelming your "measly" storm fiend) -- but that's not really a fair criticism; in theory I don't know your cards.
3.  At least against me, what really worked well was the sinks (which threw me against the ropes), and the crushing waves (that washed me out).  I think the crushing wave combos in your deck are very well conceived and effective, but you may want something to fall back on if a crushing waves card doesn't come up in your first 10 cards (which will happen about 1 time in 5 or 6 if I remember correctly that you have 4 of them in the deck)?  I would consider building a secondary threat into your deck.  Deepsea thugs, sky hydras, or even titan aquamancers come to mind -- anything to draw your opponent's attention (or kill him!) while you wait for crushing waves.
4.  I think durability is one of your deck's weaknesses.  Only the sea dragons and giant octopi have any real staying power.  You might want to consider something like a tide caller or tide shift to maneuver your quick, but vulnerable minions out of harms way.  I think these very cheap cards are often under-estimated.
5.  I have really struggled with the air faction.  For the first time, I see its potential as a primary faction.  Nice job.