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— by D3v222 D3v222
Ok, here is the current version. Everyone who has given me input on this helped build it. Thank you!

A&W Quick Wipe

1 Cloud Dragon (might swap a sea dragon for another one of these)
2 Storm ship
3 Aeromancers
4 Lightning golem
4 Storm fiend
3 Silver hawk
1 Null wand
2 Overload
2 Forked lightning
3 Magic missiles
2 Storm core
3 Sea Dragon
4 Crushing waves
3 Sink
2 Rainbow pearl
1 Sunken treasure

There you have it! Still more room to tweak, I could pull a few things and up the numbers of some of the cards for a little more consistency still but I like having options. Again, thank you all so much for your contributions! Time to work on some of my other decks :)