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— by Valentino Valentino
I do not agree on your definition of combo cards. Combo cards are two cards which when played together gain an extra advantage that the effect that each of them would have if played on its own - no need to be played in the same turn. A perfect example of this is Pyrohydra/Giant Volta. However they can be played even in the same turn: Aquamancer/energize. This combo adds 1 more damage and increases aquamancer health.

Tandem cards are cards which can be played together and put the opponent in front of a duality: which should I face first? This is because opponent cannot face both of them with 1 card only.

A last note is about similar cards: They have similar effects and they are together not because they are combos or tandems but because they reinforce your deck according to the kind of attack you want to have. Examples are the multiple red spells to damage minions or minions which alterate the strength value of opponent minions.

All the modalities above are pretty powerful but the first is what I classify as a combo deck, while the second/third is what I classify as a swarm deck.

Combo decks can be very powerful however they have some limitations:
1) must have key cards. However these cards must be powerful enough on they own otherwise you can have bad luck.
2) must have high probability to be drawn. To increase this there are several tricks:
2.1 Use a channeler cards - There are several cards which can let you draw a specific card type from deck or discard pile.
2.2 Use an unique card of that type as key card when the appropriate channeler card is used - So you will be sure that you will draw 100% the key card only

Did you ever wonder why the Kobo deck works better than the Wolf deck? Because there is a Channeler card!

Now comes the pain: the sheet is not large enough for everybody. You can have a great deck if it's tailored against Valentino and you play only against me. A card "if your opponent is named Valentino you win instantly" would explain perfectly this concept. Would you put that in your deck?
Well, in this game you can only be sure that you will have most likely minions but you don't even know their size or abilities. Maybe you'll have spells, it might be you'll have traps, auras and items.

If you want to build a great deck it must be generic and able to anticipate or respond to any kind of attack from the opponent.

If you want to create a combo deck that will anticipate you need to choose cards with low power points. If you want a rensponsive deck you need to choose cards with higher power points and be willing to sacrifice some life points you have.

If you have a great combo with 2 cards of 5 pp each and no channeler and want to put that in a quick deck I guess that will not work!