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I did not mean to imply that two cards must be played on the same turn to be a combo.  Perhaps I should re-phrase: a combo is any group of two or more cards which are taken together with intent and to serve some purpose (beyond what other cards would contribute).  Although it is not essential for my discussion, I consider aquamancer / blood drinker to be a combo  both cards in play at once causes an opponent more difficulty than having the cards one at a time, and in a way that pairing, say, an aquamancer and an aeromancer or a blood drinker and savage kobo does not.  I also want to consider nobbling trickster / direct damage card a combo without having to specify whether the direct damage card is fire rain, murder of crows, hunt, or even stormship.  The point is that the two cards together have a purpose (to kill a high health unit) that neither of the cards could bring into effect individually.  I agree that fire rain/ magic missile is not generally a combo