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— by Valentino Valentino
In my opinion Aquamancer/Blood drinker are a combo in my opinion only when Aquamancer kills the opponent of Blood drinker. They are more likely to me tandem cards.

A more evident combo is Aquamancer/Razorsaurs when Aquamancer is used to cause 1 damage to the opponent which allows Razorsaurs to deal the other damage.

Savage kobo/aquamancer is tandem cards which are more fragile because can be destroyed by just 1 card, however they are still tandem cards. I do not see any combo in it.

As well Aeromancer/Aquamancer is a tandem, however Aeromancer is also a channel card which can be used to draw energize for example. With an extra power point that would be a combo with Aquamancer. Aquamancer again can be considered as a combo only if destroys the opponent of a minion which has special effects which get triggered due to the aquamancer ability.